I offer vast experience in design and production while combining creativity and usability to meet desired goals and maximize the user's positive visual experience based on needs analysis.

I'm a User-Centered-Design oriented, focusing on the user's experience and interaction with the product. Experience with local and international customers, such as HP Indigo, OBJET and Highcon.

User Research

User research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies. The purpose of UX research is to expose human insights using persons definition to guide the way the product should be structured, the workflow and the visual design implementation.

User experience

User Experience is the value that I provide to the user when they are using your product on any device at any time of the day. User Experience Design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, visibility and pleasure provided while interaction with the product.

Brand Identity

I will learn your business values and what challenges you’re facing, ask the right questions to understand your potential and what makes it unique. I will develop new identities or refresh existing ones. I will craft brand identity system that is coherent expressions of your business’ values and aspirations. Also I will deliver detailed brand guidelines that will inspire your future communications.


You have to define your vision, mission, and activity areas. The strategy determines how you’ll function and guide the decision-making process of creating the product. Defining your UX strategy involves planning your requirements around user goals and stakeholder business strategies. It outlines where you're going, so think about it as a valuable process.


We can also define persons. Although it's a fictional representation of your ideal customer I will build empathy with your target users and identify exactly what they need from the product you’re about to create. A persona is generally based on this user research and incorporates the needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns of your target audience.


A wireframe is a visual representation of a user interface, clean of any visual design or branding elements and color. As UX Designers, I use it to define the heirachy of items on a screen and communicate what are the items on any page of the product should be, based on user needs.


A prototype is used to understand and see how a product or application works, what it does and how you should interact with it. They're simulations of how a finished product will work.